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Just joined! I love drums! I've been playing for about 5 years, and have a Mapex drum set. Drums rock!! yeah.. Anyway, what set do you have/prefer?
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pearl and tama
I love Mapex...I have a tranparent Purple M-Maple/Basswood kit. I have 7 cymbals (Sabian/Wuhan/Zildjian mix...Sabian B8 Pro, PRO Sonix, and AAX; Wuhan China; Zildjian Avedis) hardware is Mapex and Tama mix. My pedal is a Mapex P-380 Double Kick...pretty solid and perftect for touring...Pearl is ok...big on innovation and bass pedals, but way to nostalgic...Tama is good...strong peadls, and love their Superstar and older 9-ply Maple drums (Artstar II and early Starclassic Maple)...been playing for 6 years, and started double bass about 5 months ago.
Amati drum set, double bass pedal Yamaha))